PGA Junior League China

PGA Junior League Golf-China is dedicated to providing a fun, social and team orientated program that also teaches proper etiquette and sportsmanship and is available for all children 13 and under throughout Greater China.


PGA Junior League Golf-China uses a two-person “scramble” format that makes the game fun for players of all skill levels. Complete beginners can participate and enjoy their experience! Since its founding, PGA Junior League Golf has been an integral part of community activities and has encouraged family and friends to watch the games.

To solve resource constraints for children in China (limited activity time, limited access to golf courses, and limited travel time), PGA Junior League Golf-China developed an innovative adaptation of PGA Junior League Golf for play on indoor simulators. In keeping with the core values of PGA Junior league Golf, indoor play in China will also be fun, affordable and accessible. Indoor competitions are also extremely flexible for scheduling. Indoor games reduce the time to play a match to less than two hours. Chinese youth have less time after school and with the option of indoor games on weekend and evenings the program will be available to a large number of children who might not otherwise have access to golf.

Indoor games also significantly reduce the cost of play. Green Fees around China average more than 800 yuan per 9 holes, while the average cost of a 9 hole match indoors is about 30 yuan.

For those in China who do have access to outdoor golf courses, we are proud to announce that PGA Junior League Golf-China can also be played at any outdoor golf course that has their golf professional register their location for the program. We invite all golf courses in China to participate in this proven, fun and exciting program.

We have divided Greater China into 10 different regions including Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan. Each region will offer PGA Junior League Golf-China starting April 1, 2018.

There will be two seasons each year in China, Spring/ Summer season, and Fall/Winter season. After the Spring/ Summer season each League will form an “All-Star” team and compete in the “Post-Season” for a Chinese National Championship!